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Ways to make the most of New World’s Winter Convergence Festiva

  • The New World’s Winter Convergence Festival has begun, bringing a healthy celebration to Aeternum Island, as well as the expected insidious colors. This limited time event will last from December 16, 2021, to January 11, 2022. There are different dates and times to be aware of. Playing the game during this period will bring players some impressive and stylish rewards, from flashy costumes to beautifully decorated weapons. Besides the items available for looting, there are many new missions and opportunities for players to deepen their knowledge of New World. Players can also buy New World Gold to give themselves a chance to get more rewards.

    What excites players the most during the festive season is the piles of gifts. Fortunately, New World has already covered this and provided a 10-day special giveaway to provide everyone with winter goodies. The first few days have passed, but there is still time to prepare a fashionable Festive Hood and a Wreath Housing Item to decorate the players’ pads.

    If players miss the free stuff, please don’t panic, because most other holiday New World Gold will be open until January 10. These limited edition items will help them stand out from the crowd, with gorgeous feather costumes and selected holiday weapon skins to help them kill in a stylish way. The currency of Winter Convergence Festival is Winter Token. These can only be got through winter activities.

    Please note that event reputation will determine which items players can and cannot buy in the store, so it is worth establishing it as soon as possible. If they complete the mission and defeat the evil side of Winter Wanderer, they will earn themselves some sweet event reputation, although it is not enough to complete the story. They also need to deal with lost current rewards, collect daily rewards from The Tree Of Light, and harvest Gleamite. Once players have established enough reputation, they can complete the final task and buy more holiday items in the store. Either way, there is no harm in Buy New World Coins for players. Now they can use the code “XMAS” to get 7% off at IGGM, come together!