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Shroud defends New World during a recent stream

  • Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is probably one of the biggest fans of Amazon Game Studio’s New World. Since its launch, the Twitch anchor has spent a lot of time on MMO, and it has also affected his fans to buy New World Gold and invest in the game. He recently proved that he is very willing to defend the game for those who criticize it.

    In a recent stream, an audience member told Shroud that the game felt bad and asked him why he continued to play it. Shroud soon supported New World and said that the game is improving. Then he started talking about Amazon’s plans for MMO. He said that New World is developing on a positive side. He believes that the next update in January will have dungeon mutations, and players will mutate dungeons, similar to the mythic plus content in WoW. So players can prepare enough New World Coins.

    The streamer quickly pointed out that he hoped that New World’s mutated dungeons could bring rich returns to New World Gold, otherwise he would be angry. Currently, fans only need to wait to see if the update meets the streamer’s expectations! Although Shroud is looking forward to the feature inspired by WoW, he seems to have lost a lot of interest in Blizzard’s MMO. Last month, Shroud had some alternative words to describe the gameplay of World of Warcraft, showing that he continued to play the game only because of people.

    Because of similar complaints, many fans of this genre have recently gradually moved away from World of Warcraft, so Final Fantasy XIV attracts many people. Shroud is not fond of Square Enix games, and recently compared its quality with free games. Considering how he feels about both, it makes sense for New World to capture his game successfully! But if he wants to achieve outstanding performance in the game, he still needs to Buy New World Coins as support.