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The New World team is working on the regional transfer in early

  • Although the New World team is currently on vacation most of the time, there are still issues to be resolved in the new year. Although some fans of New World want to buy New World Coins in the game to make themselves perform well, but with the recent server merger events that have occurred in the past few weeks, and more mergers and updates are coming, some problems remain. Solved, some people are still asking about regional transfers.

    The topic of regional shift has emerged from the very beginning, when the demand was overwhelming. Amazon has doubled the number of servers, and if some players use servers with a small population, they promised to transfer them for free later. The promised server transfer only applies to the same region, but it established a large thread on the forum supported by community managers and developers to see if there is interest in region transfer.

    At the beginning of December, the thread was shut down, and they were notified that two possible solutions could be tried to handle the zone transfer. Since one question to the community is whether they prefer options based on delivery speed or wait longer but have more sophisticated New World Gold, it becomes clearer what this might mean entering 2022. The developers stated they are currently working on a solution that will bring players to the areas they want to enter, although housing ownership will be affected. This near-term solution will be launched in early 2022.

    Since it has been a while, now server merges may have a greater impact on the player's experience. Yesterday, the community manager TrevzorFTW updated to respond to additional requests. He said that the team is actively working on region transfers and will share more information when ready. Short-term options are still being developed, but players will have to wait the next few weeks to see the initial resolution plan. During this time, they can Buy New World Coins to enhance their gaming experience.