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There is still a mass reporting problem in New World

  • New World still seems to be affected by large-scale reports, and players can ban opponents from the game with relative ease. New World can be said to be the most successful attempt by Amazon Game Studios in the gaming industry. Long before its release, New World aroused some interest from MMORPG fans and attracted quite a few players into its original fantasy world inspired by the age of exploration. And many players have prepared enough New World Gold to have a better performance in the game.

    Unfortunately, things have not been easy since then. The number of game players has decreased because the perception of Amazon games has deteriorated, and Amazon is trying to kick robot accounts, players criticize the amount of grinding that is sometimes required, and so on. New World is still dealing with mass reporting New World Coins. When it suddenly appears, mass reporting will severely distort New World’s PvP.

    When players discovered they could use New World’s automatic review to ban others, the system had been exploited. Amazon Game Studio is doing its best to fix New World, but when there is too many content to adjust, it is difficult for the studio to cover everything quickly. New World’s mass reporting problem should be a warning for other multiplayer games, because moderation is an exquisite art, so automated systems need to be carefully managed.

    Part of the reason New World’s mass reporting is so dangerous is that it is so easy to do. If more than a dozen New World players gather to report another player, New World’s system is likely to kick the reported player out immediately without reviewing their violations. This is also extremely unfair to some players who have already bought New World Gold. Considering the importance of PvP and factions to New World, this makes mass reporting powerful. Having the leader of the rival Company banned for a fictitious crime can give New World players an immense advantage when trying to conquer the company’s territory.