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Some reasons Amazon’s New World is not a threat to The Day Befo

  • Although both The Day Before and New World are MMOs, New World players will buy New World Coins for a better gaming experience, but the difference between the two games is enough to prevent any competition between them. The Day Before is an MMO, this is a dystopian world. An explosion turned most of the population into violent, zombie-like monsters, only eager for raw meat. In order to survive, players must look for resources and supplies, while looking for infected and hostile survivors. Success in the world of The Day Before requires quick reflexes, some excellent weapons, and a little luck.

    Although it seems natural to compare The Day Before with games such as The Division and The Last of Us, the game has also been compared with Amazon’s MMO New World. Although there are some similarities between the two MMOs, there is no need to worry that The Day Before may cut into the New World player base because there are enough differences to ensure that the game remains unique.

    Although they are both MMOs, the tone of The Day Before and New World is completely different. The background of New World is set in the 17th century. Players can explore Aeternum Island, occupy new lands and defend against enemies. Although it is based on real-world colonialism cases, the game does not lean towards realism, but completely contains fantasy elements. Aeternum Island is a world where monsters run rampant and can encounter supernatural forces. Therefore, besides conventional weapons, players can also use magic and buy New World Coins to get powerful equipment. Since the focus of New World is to discover new land, it covered most of the map with unspoiled grasslands and majestic mountain views that humans have not conquered.

    In contrast, The Day Before is a tougher game with a modern background. There is an urban environment where players can explore and search for resources. Most settings are familiar to players because they include huge shopping malls, corner shops and skyscrapers. When the player travels to the countryside, the narrow dirt roads and farmhouses can easily remind the player that the world is shaped by humans. The game does not use fantasy elements, but aims at realism.

    Although both games are MMOs, they are unlikely to need to share a player base. New World caters to players who are interested in the fantasy realm and the pleasure of conquering new lands. In contrast, it aimed The Day Before at players looking for horror games and let them play rough in a post-apocalyptic world. Players interested in New World can prepare enough New World Gold.