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The rise of New World

  • For a long time, Amazon has been far from successful in entering the game field. However, with New World, the company seems within reach. New World is a MMORPG that takes players to an alternative reality version of the 1600s. The game is set on Aeternum Island, which is a fictional Pacific Ocean land.

    The player’s task is to colonize this land and defend against other players who might challenge their rule. They can explore in the game and discover monsters and other dangers. Fortunately, there are many weapons available and a lot of magic to master. They can also buy New World Gold to strengthen themselves.

    When New World launched on September 28th, the game was so popular that many players had enough New World Gold ready and they had to queue for hours to play. However, since then, the number of players per day has dropped drastically. Although the game is far from dead, several converging factors seem to show that the game has not reached its full potential.

    Like many games developed during the global COVID-19 pandemic, New World faces many delays. In some ways, this is beneficial to the game because it builds excitement and anticipation. Therefore, when the game was launched, many players were eager to explore the island of Aeternum and claimed land.

    New World is a very attractive game. Before the game’s release, Amazon showed many beautiful screenshots showing how the island of Aeternum is composed of magnificent New World Gold and large natural scenery that industrialization has not affected. Players can team up to collect resources, build settlements, and upgrade all the way.

    For players who like greater excitement, New World also provides a 50v50 war mode. This also makes players want enough New World Coins to enhance their strength and win the battle. Although epic battles of this scale may cause problems for many MMOs, before it released the game, Amazon assured players that its global servers can handle over 1,000 players at the same time.