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The fall of New World

  • Since the launch of New World, the number of players logging into the game has been steadily declining. Although in the beginning, many players have already bought enough New World Coins in advance. But according to SteamCharts data, the game peaked in September, when there were 913,634 concurrent players. However, by December 23, the game only attracted 115,743 concurrent players.

    One problem is that New World lacks some of the quality of life features and comfort levels that have become the main content of the MMO world. Most notably, New World lacks mounts. New World game director Scot Lane has discussed the lack of mounts in the game. Although Lane said that there are no plans for mounts at present, they may be added when the world becomes large enough. He also revealed that the developers discussed the idea of installing mounts as donkeys, trolleys, and trucks.

    Another problem is that there were a lot of bugs that destroyed the game when New World was launched. One of them is invincibility glitch, which was heavily abused in the early days of New World. This fault can be triggered by playing and dragging the window in window mode. Another mistake caused the New World economy to collapse nearly in its early days through the gold duplication glitch.

    The glitch may be triggered by trading New World Gold with another player and then quickly exiting. In doing so, it copied rather than traded gold. Doing this for enough time can produce a lot of gold. This glitch caused Amazon to stop all wealth transfers in the game. Although Amazon has been working hard to fix bugs and malfunctions, the damage to the game’s reputation has already been done.

    In order to revive New World, Amazon will have to correct most of the malfunctions that disrupt the game and introduce some very popular features, such as mounts. The world created by Amazon is exquisite, and it is a shame to see it go to waste because of exploitable glitches and lack of content. However, without some serious intervention and careful study of player requirements, New World may become another disappointment for Amazon. But for some players who love New World, they can buy New World Gold to have more fun.