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Ammo economic problems still exist in New World

  • New World players are facing a potentially enormous problem. Bows and Muskets ammunition craft and purchase are expensive. Although many players are doing their best to earn New World Gold, expensive items are also bothering them. This also makes more players want to buy New World Coins on third-party service providers to get the items they need easily.

    After months of poor game status, Amazon Game Studio’s New World seems to have finally improved with recent patches and updates. But this does not mean that it has solved all the errors and some design problems in the past few weeks, and New World still has some ways to need all the help it can get. Although players want enough New World Gold to make themselves more smooth in the game, but this may not be satisfactory.

    For example, New World players pointed to large-scale reporting issues that could be abused to win Faction Wars. There are many other problems with PvP. For example, New World Companies use loopholes to maintain territory control and allow subsidiary Companies to attack them in order to conduct false wars to prevent others from attacking settlements.

    However, one of the most problematic things in the game is Gold duplication glitch, which allows them to copy anything in the trading window. This deflates the market by introducing a variety of high-end items and resources at lower prices, and its ripple effects still plague New World. This leads to a decrease in the population, and as a result, players who use Bows or Muskets receive the most penalties for the cost of ammunition. This also causes players to seek help from third-party sites such as IGGM to buy New World Gold.