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Ammunition Costs will have a great impact on New World players

  • Bows and Muskets are not considered the best weapon choices for New World PvE, but they are especially useful for sniping enemies at long distances in PvP or Outpost Rush. One of the most troublesome problems with these weapons is that they all require ammo, and in the final stage, for crafters and buyers, the cost of per-unit ammunition may be ridiculously high. So many players will prepare enough New World Coins to get what they want. The fundamental reason is that there are fewer New World players currently in activities, so resources are often more scarce.

    Because players need to spend a lot of gold to buy Orichalcum Ore, the price of buying arrows and Musket cartridges is very high. The longer the player plays, the more New World Coins they spend. It is not uncommon for Bow or Musket users to use 1,000 to 3,000 rounds of ammunition per day, which usually means thousands of New World Gold are required to cover maintenance costs each week. In addition, New World’s endgame chests still have loopholes, so players sometimes cannot get anything or low-level ammunition from loot sources above level 60.

    Players can farm materials, and then crafting ammo by themselves, but considering that gaining resources may be a slow process, and crafting costs for endgame items are also high, this may be more inconvenient. Therefore, making ammo after obtaining enough materials will cause less New World Gold being planted every day, and will consume more New World Gold every day because of production tax. New World’s crafting system can be overhauled, but players who arrive at the endgame can also overhaul their needs for ammo.

    It’s also good to make ammo an indispensable part of the experience. It makes sense to keep this aspect as players strive to get higher Gear Scores when leveling up and after reaching level 60. However, New World can use a new item type, such as quivers or ammunition bags. These items are difficult to get or make, and even expensive, but once unlocked, players no longer need to worry about ammunition. This will not break the game, the game already has a lot of ammo-centric productions, but this may be a good way for Bow and Musket users to stop worrying about the unique aspects of these weapons finally, so they can save some New World Gold, Or they can buy New World Gold on the site.