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How to build Ultimate Minnesota Vikings Theme Team in Madden 22

  • Madden 22 Ultimate Team took a hit during the holidays with Zero Chill and continues to provide more exciting content for Vikings fans. Although building a theme team is one of the most interesting parts of Madden 22 Ultimate Team, it is far from a simple or simple process. So players need to prepare enough MUT Coins to build Vikings Theme Team.

    When players see the last group in action, it is worth it, and it will continue to grow as more Vikings get stuck in MUT 22. With some newly added content offering monumental choices, players must buy Cheap Madden 22 Coins. The following player cards will help them build the ultimate Vikings Theme Team in Madden 22.

    Thanks to some recent declines, players will build a Vikings Theme Team, which is filled with the greats of the team’s past and present. Here, players can full use the top cards and diamond teams, which can promote the players in the Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

    Offense: Percy Harvin, Adrian Peterson, Randall Cunningham
    Campus Heroes Percy Harvin (WR) immediately becomes a must-have for Vikings Theme Team lovers. Ghosts of Madden Adrian Peterson (HB) is also a good choice, allowing players to return to his Vikings days. They can also choose Bo Knows Randall Cunningham (QB) to match the center forward perfectly.

    Team Dismond: Ahmad Rashad
    Team Diamonds are very special and important to this Vikings theme team, because they bring additional improvements to the team chemistry by working with other Vikings lineups. There is a more powerful Ahmad Rashad that has just landed on Campus Heroes 2, but players will not get the same Team Chemistry upgrade as this Team Diamonds version.

    Defense: Danielle Hunter, Harrison Smith, Anthony Barr
    In terms of ball defense, players can start with present-day beast’s Madden Danielle Hunter (LE), who will play for Minnesota this season. Players will also get some great Redux options, because Most Feared LTD Anthony Barr (LOLB) and LTD Harrison Smith (SS) have recently been re-released as Redux cards that are easier to get, affordable and equally powerful. However, players who prepare enough MUT Coins Madden 22 can never go wrong.