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Madden 22 Campus Heroes Vol. 2 brings more powerful cards

  • It will launch soon the second volume of Madden 22 Campus Heroes, bringing a new high-performance card of historical university greats. In the latest version, Ultimate Team fans will have many new options, from Sam Bradford and Bruce Matthews to linebacker Brian Orakpo and receiver Percy Harvin. Here are the cards available in the MUT promotion. If players want to get them, they must prepare enough MUT Coins.

    Harvin and Orakpo lead Madden 22 Campus Heroes Vol 2 in the Ultimate Team. Some time ago, EA’s Good Morning Madden live broadcast on Twitch showed the details of Madden 22 Campus Heroes Vol. 2. This Ultimate Team promo brings college football stars who have become famous in the NFL and other regions. It includes two 96 OVR Campus Champion player cards, including wide receivers Percy Harvin and Brian Orakpo. Players who are interested can buy Cheap Madden 22 Coins in advance.

    It exposed Harvin on Twitter last week, and Orakpo appeared on GMM. Orakpo’s cards have 96 Block Shedding, 95 Power Moves, 94 Acceleration, 93 Strength, 93 Tackling and 92 Play Recognition, and 91 Speed.

    The former WR Harvin was AP Rookie of the Year in 2009 and started his NFL career in Minnesota. He also played for Seattle, Buffalo, and the Jets, winning the Super Bowl all the way. In the MUT promotion, Harvin is a Route Runner with 95 Speed, 95 Catch in Traffic, 95 Medium Route Run, 93 Catching, 92 Deep Route and 90 Spectacular Catch. Players who want to get him must prepare enough MUT Coins Madden 22.

    Besides Campus Champions, there are also player items with lower ratings. Center Bruce Matthews will be one of the 94 OVR rated players to advance. His only team possibility is Tennessee’s theme team. Sam Bradford is also 94 OVR. He can play for Eagles, Rams, Vikings, and Cardinals in themed teams. It must not be a wrong choice for players to prepare enough MUT Coins to get them.