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New World brings a new feature to players

  • Amazon brings expedition mutators to players to improve the endgame experience. It not only brings players more hard battles but also provides players with more rewards. So players can buy New World Gold to enable them to get these rewards. In order to adapt to mutator changes, it has adjusted the expedition to make it more consistent with other endgame activities. The drop rates of named enemies have been “significantly increased”, it has added T5 equipment to the Dynasty Shipyard’s loot table, and the number of enemies players faced when sealing Ancient Azoth Portals in the Ostium during the Lazarus Instrumentality expedition has been reduced.

    Since its launch last year, New World has been struggling with many bugs and exploits, but endgame content has also been an issue. Game director Scot Lane stated in an interview that they must better promote players to take part in all their endgame activities. Now, players are driven to a small part of their endgame mechanics, which naturally makes them want more.

    PTR also provides a new resource called Umbral Shards, which allows players to upgrade items with a Gear Score of 600 to 625. Amazon said that if players want to dive into the more difficult Muted Expeditions or gain a competitive advantage in PvP, this Vital. The Expertise cap has also increased to 625. PTR also increased the cost of summoning Brutes, made some combat-related adjustments, and reduced the cost of fast travel. But players can still prepare enough New World Coins to allow themselves to complete various activities successfully.

    All New World players are eligible to join the PTR, but they need to download and install a separate PTR client to do so and create a new character. The real character is not compatible with the test field. If they want to get better performance in the game, then they may need some support from New World Gold. Hurry to IGGM and get everything you want there!