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Something about the Madden 22 January 14 Patch Notes

  • A lot of new content has been added in the latest Madden 22. And it has updated Madden 22 with improved tweaks to Run Commit and RPO Peek playback, while addressing issues with the franchise mode. This will give players a better gaming experience, so they can Buy Madden Coins for more fun. Here are the patch notes on Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

    Key Highlights:
    Adjusted gameplay around Run Commit and RPO Peek Plays.
    Various Franchise issues have been resolved.

    Game update:
    Fixed an issue when defending with Run Commit and 3 or fewer rushers Updated the functionality of RPO Peek matches so the ball will be handed over automatically when the QB is not pitching within the provided window.

    Development Instructions:
    RPO Peek play will now behave like all other types of RPO play calls. If the ball is not thrown, the ball will be handed over automatically. Players now cannot compete with QBs unless they call the RPO to read the game.
    Fixed a “Spike” Touchdown Celebration animation where the ball would be in the wrong hand and the scoring player would finish the spike with empty hands.
    Fixed an issue where the opponent’s game art was not displayed in the online game after the Film Study Ability met the requirements.

    Franchise Update:
    Fixed an issue where the development trait upgrade would be incorrectly rewarded, even if the scene failed to reach its goal while swimming.
    Fixed an issue where some scenes would not track properly because of the wrong stat type.
    Fixed an issue where users would rarely press the soft lock on the Training Recap screen.
    Fixed occasional soft lockout when users quit Franchise before the draft.
    Fixed soft lock after user exited the game.

    The developers have fixed bugs and issues in the game to ensure that players can experience the game content more happily in the game. If they also want to take their power to a higher level, they need to buy MUT Coins. Visit and get everything you want there!