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Some of the Best Wide Receivers in Madden 22 Ultimate Team

  • Madden 22 is constantly adding some incredible cards to the MUT 22 market, and having the best player cards is critical to success. If players have been playing Madden 22 Ultimate Team, they’ve probably noticed that the best teams have incredibly wide receivers. If players want to add something to their team, they need to have enough Madden 22 Coins on hand.

    Some of these wide receiver players will cost at the auction house, but they’re definitely worth the players’ roster. Especially since they only get better. There are tons of different players to choose from and players can get them by buying MUT Coins at GameMS. Here are some of the best Madden 22 WRs in MUT 22.

    Odell Beckham Jr. - New York Giants - 97 OVR
    The highest rated wide receiver card in MUT 22 is Odell Beckham Jr. from this week’s team pack. His 95 SPD allowed him to put Madden 22 defensive backs behind him. He has a CTH rating of 94 OVR and he can receive the ball with a JMP rating of 95. Unfortunately, he is also the most expensive WR at 1.6M in Madden 22. So players must buy MUT Coins to get this absolutely worthwhile card.

    Joe Horn - New Orleans Saints - 96 OVR
    The second option for players is returning players in the NFL over the past few years. Joe Horn is the second-highest wide receiver in Madden 22 and Team of the Week. Because of his 91 JMP rating, he’s not the best choice for jump balls. However, his 94 SPD and 95 CTH as slot receiver is a good choice. For some players on a budget, they also need to Buy Madden Coins to get it.