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New NBA 2K22 trailer shows what Ziplines is all about

  • A new trailer shows off the Zipline in NBA 2K22’s The City, which quickly takes players to any of the Affiliation zones in the sandbox. Players can also prepare enough NBA 2K22 MT to make themselves better in the game. 2K Games released NBA 2K22 last year and continues to update the basketball game with new content, with a recent trailer showing off a major addition to The City sandbox.

    The new video highlighted in the trailer is a Zipline that will quickly transport players to the key areas of The City. NBA 2K22 confirmed the effectiveness of Ziplines in a recent video shot using one of the game’s next-gen versions. The trailer opens with a player jumping from their Penthouse to a Zipline overlooking most of The City, including Street Court Games, the Gym, The Rec, various shops, and many other buildings and billboards around The City.

    The Zipline ends up at one of the many Basketball courts around The City, where players will enter the game after landing quickly. The NBA 2K22 Zipline video not only focuses on The City’s Zipline but also showcases several fashions. Players can customize their NBA 2K22 avatars with unique clothing and brands. And new costumes will be added as the game is added throughout the year.

    It can purchase the clothes with MVP Points, and The Penthouse will take players from Zipline to NBA 2K22’s The City, which will cost them a lot of extra points. But players can also buy NBA 2K22 MT at GameMS for better performance and more news.