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Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas allows players to own their o

  • The major story of Path of Exile is unchanged, but Atlas is more active, going through several story arcs, each introducing a new extradimensional villain. Siege of the Atlas introduces several more, each with the goal of devouring all existence. Therefore, players need to Buy POE Currency to enhance their strength.

    None pizza with left beef. Rather than lurking in specific locations, players can choose which of two new villains to hunt down during each Atlas tour. So they better buy POE Orbs to strengthen themselves. Their influence increases with each hunt, culminating in their respective boss fights. Atlas got a little too complicated in previous expansions, unlocking new areas after collecting Watchstones and plugging them into Atlas itself. Now the progression is easier, and the form is freer, with each of the four current “peak” bosses dropping Voidstones that players can use to level up everything in Atlas.

    Every map on Atlas has a bonus objective, and completing it earns a point that can buy the huge skill grid of Atlas modifiers. It doesn’t change the characters of the players, it modifies the content of the entire Atlas encounter. For players who enjoy Battle of Legion, they’ll need to opt for upgrades that increase the chances of Legion content appearing anywhere in their Atlas, as well as some perks that can improve the quality of the loot they get from it. Or players can directly buy POE Items to get everything they want.

    Each player should ultimately have their own personalized endgame, with their favorite monsters and loot scattered across each environment type. New content also means new loot, and new ways to tinker with existing items. Each new boss drops its own unique gear, and monsters in affected regions drop new Eldritch POE Currency items, which will allow players to infuse regular POE Items with new perks of varying strengths. Players can also buy POE Currency at POECurrency, which can easily save them a lot of time. Go!

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