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Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas reaches the highest player cou

  • The popular action RPG Path of Exile is one of the best free-to-play games on PC, and GGG recently announced that it broke the record for the number of concurrent players, making the RPG the highest number of players since its release in 2013, which seems Mainly because of the launch of the new expansion Siege of the Atlas. And many players are actively Buy POE Currency.

    Although Path of Exile had a beta version before, it hit around 32,000 concurrent players at launch, a record it held for several years. Around 2017, with the advent of new leagues, the Fall of Oriath expansion came out, and since then Path of Exile players have been preparing POE Orbs in advance and the number of players has continued to grow.

    Some time ago, GGG released the latest expansion Siege of the Atlas, followed by a new round of player surge. In fact, it’s been a few years since it broke Path of Exile’s all-time record of nearly 10 players on Steam. The record now stands at 158,882 players, surpassing the January 2021 record of 157,103 players. Developer Grinding Gear Games announced the new record on Twitter. It’s all down to Siege of the Atlas and, thanks to all the gamers for their support, they’re so nice.

     All of this is great, because this may actually be Path of Exile’s last chance to break the player count record, as Path of Exile 2 is currently set for release later this year. So if players want to perform better in new games, they must buy POE Currency at POECurrency, where they can also get more game news. Go!

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