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Path of Exile patch 3.17.1 brings some bug fixes and changes

  • Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas has been launched, hit a player peak, many players are Buy POE Currency for a better experience, and now Grinding Gear Games is smoothing out the experience by introducing improvements and fixes. Path of Exile update 3.17.1 will introduce fixes and quality of life updates for the endgame content and the Archnemesis system.

    One thing players may discuss is that completing Unique Maps will not count towards the highest-completed Map tier in the Atlas and Kirac missions. When the update comes, players will sell items in Kirac, which is sure to ease a lot of headaches. Searing Exarch and Eater of Worlds items will have a stash tab search feature. Players can also prepare enough POE Orbs if they want to defeat monsters easily.

    In terms of fixes, the Death and Rebirth and Safe Passage things can finally be turned in now, even though players have entered Karui Shores. The same area fixed an issue where public mappers were not visible. This fix extends to issues with Hideout and the Noticeboeard’s Public Parties tab and even the Social menu.

    If players encounter an enemy that causes their lifesteal to not work and they don’t know why, it’s because the Vampiric Archnemesis modifier is active, but the description doesn’t state that monsters cannot be drained. The patch will change the tooltip to reflect this state. Here are just some highlights. Players can learn more on the official website. If they want to enrich their gaming experience, they can also buy POE Archnemesis Currency at POECurrency. Go!

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