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Path of Exile Patch 3.17.1 brings more improvements to Archneme

  • Developer Grinding Gear Games will deploy the update with many improvements and bug fixes to Archnemesis and Siege of the Atlas content. The developers are working on some improvements and fixes to Archnemesis. This will make the game experience better for players, and they can also Buy POE Currency to achieve this.

    The new patch addresses content and issues with Archnemesis and Siege of The Atlas. In previous content updates, players could not sell POE Items to Kirac, an issue that has been resolved in patch 3.17.1. They can also buy POE Currency to get the items they want. The developers have fixed a visual bug where the Mysterious Orbs challenge request was displayed as Grand Eldritch Ember and Grand Eldritch Ichor instead of Exceptional Eldritch Ember and Exceptional Eldritch Ichor.

    The new patch will also update the description of Syncretism Atlas Passive to clarify that it only applies to Shrines in Areas. Note that Atlas Passives that mention Shrines do not apply to Lesser Shrines. The added Effect of Shrines and Shrine Effect Duration from the Atlas Passive Tree only affected lesser Shrines.

    Many bug fixes are coming to the game, and players unhappy with the bugs in the new Archnemesis should now be able to enjoy them. If they want to get better performance in the game, then they can also buy POE Currency to improve their power.

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