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Some tips for fighting the Searing Exarch boss in Path of Exile

  • The Siege Of The Atlas expansion pack introduces four new bosses to Path of Exile’s sprawling endgame. The Searing Exarch is one of the new bosses that offers players great challenges and great rewards. So many players will Buy POE Currency to get more rewards. However, The Searing Exarch is indeed the most direct of the new bosses. If players know some tricks, then they can easily fight it.

    The Searing Exarch spends most of the battle cycling through its three main abilities. A specific voice line that makes them responsive heralds each of these. The first two to watch out for are “Disintegration!” and “Annihilation!” These may sound like major threats, but these attacks are easy to deal with. And Disintegration will create a wall of flame, it will deal huge fire damage.

    If the wall falls between the players and The Searing Exarch, he can push it from the ground towards the players. It’s easy to dodge, and players can jump right over it with Flame Dash. Annihilation shoots a series of fiery beams towards the ground, tracking players around the arena. They can actually run around in circles and dodge the entire attack. Characters with significant health regeneration through regeneration or leech can even resist this attack. Or players can also buy POE Orbs to increase their strength to reduce damage.

    The ability players really need to pay attention to is “Incineration!” When The Searing Exarch yells “Incineration”, they need to run away immediately. It’s a massive slam that covers about two-thirds of the field, and it will kill most players in one hit. Just before the slam fell, a huge burning mark would appear. Beyond that point, the players will be fine. So if players want to survive the battle, they can prepare enough POE Currency to strengthen themselves.

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