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Lost Ark’s new servers are already available now

  • Lost Ark, this year’s exciting new MMO experience, is largely an exciting new queue simulator for European players. While Amazon Games correctly predicts the number of players logging into North American servers, which have largely had no queues since launch, the publisher appears to be underestimating the general popularity of European PC games. Many players are looking forward to and buying Lost Ark Gold in advance.

    Eight servers in a new region called Europe West recently went live. Amazon said in a statement that they expected opening a new region would reduce, rather than eliminate, queue times in central Europe. However, players opting for the new European West region are unlikely to be in long queues. Note that if players move to a new region, they will continue to use Royal Crystals and Crystalline Aura, but items that cannot be redeemed, claimed or earned move with them.

    Since Lost Ark doesn’t allow server transfers, the temptation to move to a new area, players will see reduced or no queue time, competing with the loss of any progress they’ve made on existing servers. Lost Ark may become more and more full of absurd crap, and even degenerate into a clown as it goes on, but the ancient game is dull and quest. It’s hard to imagine many players wanting to go through this all over again.

    To sweeten the deal, players restarting on Europe West servers will receive a daily login bonus for the last 10 days and a “special daily attendance bonus for the first 10 days of Europe West servers launch”. Also, players who have purchased the Founders Pack and have redeemed the exclusive items contained within will be rewarded with those exclusive items, plus more Lost Ark’s royal crystals currency. If players want to make their gaming journey smoother, they can also prepare enough Lost Ark Gold at Go!