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Plague Bearer in Path of Exile

  • Path of Exile has won the love of many players. And with the new expansion coming, they also buy POE Currency to ensure that they have an enormous advantage as soon as they enter the game. There are many gears in Path of Exile that enhance character’s abilities, and Plague Bearer is one of them, which becomes the bearer of Chaos Damage.

    The cornerstone of Path of Exile’s most popular build, Plague Bearer, is a powerful Spell Gem that increases your character’s DPS and AOE. It’s useful in many gaming situations, but is prized for its effectiveness in clearing mobs. It’s critical to the player’s build. So many players will choose to spend POE Currency to get Plague Bearer.

    Plague Bearer is a spell that lets players switch between two different modes, one that charges the spell and one that consumes that charge. Specifically, the first mode reduces the player’s Poison Damage to enemies while saving some remaining Poison Damage. When switching to the second mode, Spell consumes the player’s stored damage. However, it does Chaos Damage over time, and it does this damage within the area of effect. Players can also make up for this in viable ways, such as spending POE Currency for buffs.

    The more experienced players will think of POE Currency Buy to upgrade the Plague Bearer Gem. The two added values are the mana cost of the spell and the maximum amount of damage it can store. Mana cost ranges from 6 with a level 1 Gem to 17 with level 34-40 Gems. Spell Storage’s maximum damage range from 4,000 with a level 1 Gem all the way to 2,100,000 with a level 40 Gem.