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Secret Enemy Serenity Maiden Liu Appears in New World

  • Players know that because of the frequent problems of New World, many players lose confidence. Amazon Game Studios has always responded to players’ queries positively and worked hard to fix each issue. So although New World players are a lot less than before, there are still many players who will buy New World Gold to continue their New World journey.

    Recently, besides completing tasks to win New World Gold and other rewards, some players have explored unknown areas and discovered more unknown secrets of New World. A player shared his findings. And this is a new content. On Ebonscale Reach, players can face a secret enemy named Serenity Maiden Liu, but this is no accident.

    To summon this enemy, players complete a series of quests to solve puzzles and make enemies spawn. Here’s what players need to do before encountering Serenity Maiden Liu. First, they need to kill one Swarmer/Impaler to spawn the next, but they are getting harder to find. If players encounter powerful enemies, they can spend New World Gold to get more powerful weapons. Players need to be careful not to go too far or for too long or everything will reset. The order in which those Swarmers are killed also matters.

    The fight with Serenity Maiden Liu isn’t the most difficult, as players might expect. The level 60 enemies drop nothing game-changing. If players want to experience everything the game offers, they need to confront her at some stage. The discovery of this new enemy has fans questioning what other secret enemies lie around the map. It is likely that there is more content yet to be found, which will give players some room to explore before new content is added in the future.

    Every time a new secret is discovered in New World, players will have more expectations for the exploration of the game. This also stimulated their desire to buy New World Gold. In fact, New World has a lot of exciting places yet to be discovered, so players don’t have to be disappointed at all, maybe one day they can also be the ones who find surprises.

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