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The latest news about Path of Exile: Siege of Atlas

  • GGG previously announced that the new expansion of Path of Exile will be delayed, so many players expressed regret. However, according to their previous habits, they still buy POE Orbs in advance to gain an advantage.

    Recently, there has been good news that a new chapter in Path of Exile is coming. GGG just released a new trailer, and all about the upcoming expansion Path of Exile: Siege of Atlas and its brand new endgame content will be revealed via livestream as usual.

    The stream will take place on January 27th, and the Grinding Gear Games team promises a lot of information about the Path of Exile expansion, as well as what players can expect from the content, as well as the Challenge Leagues that accompany its release.

    As for what’s coming, it might be worth monitoring past Atlas expansions. Well, it doesn’t tell us exactly what to expect. If players liked Atlas content before, the new expansion may keep them entertained for a while, and they can spend POE Currency to continue exploring Atlas content.

    One thing we know, however, is that the last update to Scourge League, the 3.16 expansion, won’t make it to 3.17. Path of Exile: Siege of Atlas will go live on February 4th, and Scourge will be removed. If players have content from the Scourge update to complete, they have two weeks to complete it and claim rewards like POE Currency and gear. The team suggested Scourge might make a comeback at some point, but there are no plans yet. Given that this is an interesting mechanic, GGG probably won’t give up on it.

    Judging from the short 20-second trailer, this time Path of Exile: Siege of Atlas still maintains a dark scene. For players, whether they are continuing the challenge of Scourge or waiting for Siege of Atlas, they may wish to buy POE Currency to improve their character abilities. After all, Path of Exile is not a simple game, and excellent results are inseparable from the polishing of time and money.