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Path of Exile: Siege of Atlas won’t make players wait too long

  • Players know that Path of Exile will launch a new expansion every quarter, so before 2022, many players looked forward to the new expansion, and they bought POE Currency to prepare in advance. Recently, Grinding Gear Games posted a post confirming that Path of Exile: Siege of Atlas has been delayed until February 4th. This makes many players who were expecting the new expansion to arrive sooner are a little disappointed.

    But this is good news for players who like Path of Exile: Scourge very much. They have over two weeks to continue their exploration. Players who are interested in the later tasks and rewards of Path of Exile: Scourge can choose to spend POE Currency to improve their character abilities and complete the final chapter faster.

    Grinding Gear Games has confirmed a special broadcast on January 27 at 4:00 PM PT to showcase all the details inherent in the upcoming content pack. In fact, they provided some information and said that the expansion will introduce endgame news and features for Challenge League. There are many ways for players to prepare for the waiting process, including learning about some new expansion content and POE Currency Buy.

    The trailer that’s been released doesn’t reveal much about Path of Exile: Siege of Atlas, save for one strange creature. Regardless now, Path of Exile fans can start preparing for a great broadcast and a content pack to keep the game busy for a long time. This also inspired their desire to buy Exalted Orb. So, for the player group who likes Path of Exile, it is best not to miss this news.

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