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Surprise in Madden 22 Playoffs Part 2

  • fter checking out Good Morning Madden, players learned that the players from Part 2 of the playoffs are heading to Madden 22. The MUT 22 database is constantly adding better cards for players to choose from, and players who don’t want to miss out can buy MUT Coins. Especially the Playoffs Part 2 LTD.

    The cards in Madden 22 Playoffs Part 2 will be available on January 21, 2022, and each card will improve players’ MUT 22 roster. Players can get these player cards for MUT Coins, and the most interesting is 92 OVR QB Travis Kelce.

    David Long Jr. had a pretty tight game against the Arizona Cardinals in the wild-card round. That led to him being the winner of Part 2 of the playoffs. Hopefully players have gotten their hands on the Jalen Ramsey card. Players who don’t get it can spend MUT Coins to add him and David Long Jr to their lineup. This leaves them with two locked CBs in their Madden 22 lineup.

    Aside from the 97 OVR, the big part of this LTD in Madden 22 is that Ingram can play multiple positions. He can play RE, LE, LOLB and ROLB. Another bonus worth mentioning is how many MUT 22 themed teams he can join. Ingram covers three different teams, including the Chargers, Chiefs, and Steelers. With his multi-position selection, the number of themed teams he fits in, and his Madden 22 overall rating, he’s the best card in Part 2 of the playoffs, and the most worthy player card for players to buy Madden 22 Coins.

    The cost of these player cards is not low, so players can buy MUT Coins at GameMS. They can offer the cheapest price and the best service.