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Path of Exile: Siege of Atlas preview

  • The contents of GGG’s Path of Exile: Siege of Atlas expansion and Archnemesis League are already known.

    Path of Exile will officially celebrate its ninth anniversary this October, and next year will mark the tenth anniversary of Grinding Gear Games’ epic action RPG. As is the norm every New Year, GGG will release an endgame expansion that will completely change the experience, but this time with a huge twist. Many players bought POE Currency as preparation for Path of Exile: Siege of Atlas.

    Players will not only face Maven from the Siege of Atlas, but also two other Eldritch Horrors and two other bosses. These creatures are the new pinnacle bosses of Siege of Atlas, they are The Black Star, The Endless Hunger, The Searing Exarch, and The Eater of Worlds, the first two being the more common mini-bosses, and the latter being the real endgame encounters. However, the Siege of Atlas expansion pack launched alongside the Archnemesis League, which also brings new exciting encounters and rich rewards to players, who can prepare POE Currency to explore the revamped Atlas.

    The battle for the best loot in Path of Exile will be more difficult in the hands of those who don’t know how to craft items, but more rewarding for those who do. Players can learn how to POE Currency Buy to craft desired items.

    While Siege of Atlas is a layered expansion that players will take a long time to master, Archnemesis, which ships with it, is simpler, but still contains plenty of challenging enemies and substantial rewards. Players may wish to Buy POE Orbs at POECurrency to enhance their ability to compete with the enemy, so that they can get more rewards.