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What are the Path of Exile Trial of Ascendancy locations?

  • For the uninitiated, the Ascension Trials or Labyrinth Trials in the Path of Exile campaign are a series of trap puzzles players must complete entering the maze. This is great for helping players unlock Ascendancy points. Players can Buy POE Orbs to unlock faster.

    This is an important step in leveling up new characters, especially at the start of the league. While players must complete each labyrinth for each character, only one Trial of Ascension is required per league.

    There are many Normal Labyrinth Trial locations, divided into different categories, including Normal Labyrinth Trial locations, Cruel Labyrinth Trial locations and Merciless Labyrinth Trial locations. These are all in different mission chapters, and the further back you go, the more difficult the players will encounter. Many players will choose to spend POE Currency to better explore each maze.

    The last Labyrinth is the Eternal Labyrinth, commonly known by the community as Uber Lab. Thankfully, Grinding Gear Games has removed the frustrating randomness. Now, players with a character rating of 68 or higher can open the Eternal Labyrinth with one Offering to the Goddess. Players who have not reached the specified level can POE Currency Buy, which will help a lot.

    Players can earn products by completing one of the above random trials on the map, or by trading them. But keep in mind that Eternal Labyrinth is a level 75 area with far more traps and monsters than previous labyrinths. Although it’s accessible at level 68, most characters won’t run the Eternal Labyrinth until approaching level 80. In order to enhance the ability to fight against the enemy, players will choose to buy POE Currency at POECurrency. Because they can get cheap prices and excellent service there.