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Path Of Exile reaches new milestone

  • Grinding Gear Games recently released an expansion pack for Path Of Exile, which resulted in the game’s highest number of concurrent players since its 2013 release. Many players also choose to POE Currency Buy to give themselves an advantage in the game.

    Path Of Exile: Siege Of The Atlas released on February 4, and since then Path Of Exile has attracted record numbers of players. Path Of Exile reached an all-time peak of 158,882 concurrent users. While this is a new milestone, Path Of Exile also reached 155,293 players in the Ultimatum League.

    More players are playing Path Of Exile: Siege Of The Atlas now than in Path Of Exile’s decade-long history. There are also more players willing to spend POE Currency to get the equipment and weapons they want.

    Players who have already embarked on their Path Of Exile journey know that Siege Of The Atlas contains two new Eldritch Horrors threatening to consume Atlas of Worlds. Join Commander Kirac’s militia in defending the Atlas and Wraeclast against these predators.

    This massive endgame expansion pack includes a new Atlas system, pinnacle bosses, a huge Atlas passive skill tree, Eldritch implicit endgame crafting, new unique items, Archnemesis Challenge Leagues, and more, all attracting a lot of players who can spend POE Currency to Increases the damage of characters and weapons.

    Path Of Exile: Siege Of The Atlas is less than a week old, and there are many quests waiting for players to explore and complete. Players who want to speed up may wish to Buy POE Currency at POECurrency. They are liked and trusted by many players because of their cheap price and safe trading system.