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How do players make Voidstones work in Path of Exile?

  • With Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas adding so many new mechanics to the game, many players Buy POE Orbs to gain an advantage in the game. And some old mechanics and items are being removed, including Watchstones, which were previously used to unlock and upgrade certain endgame maps. However, the role of Watchstones will be filled by Voidstones.

    Voidstones are simplified versions of older systems. Instead of placing a series of Watchstones into 16 different slots to unlock and upgrade the map, players can simply find four Voidstones and place them in the atlas. While Voidstones are no longer required to unlock certain maps, they can still upgrade the difficulty of the map up to level 16. Players can also spend POE Currency to upgrade character ratings faster.

    On the first character of each league, players will be hard-pressed to find weapons with decent damage. Thankfully, there are some useful vendor recipes that can set up powerful early game weapons for players. Players can also spend POE Currency to get better weapons.

    Like Watchstones, Voidstones can still be changed with Sextants, while Siege of the Atlas adds some new Sextants. Also, since sextants modifications can no longer be stored in Watchstones for contextual swaps, they can be stored using Surveyor’s Compasses. Players can buy an unlimited number of Surveyor’s Compasses from POE Currency Buy.

    In Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas, players need to gain as many items as ever to enhance their characters. And most players choose to buy POE Currency to get the items they need. POECurrency has advantages in price and service, and has also received the trust of many players.