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How to trade with players in Path of Exile?

  • In Path of Exile, one of the best ways players can empower their characters is by trading with other players. Because there is no auction house, players need to buy POE Currency to trade directly with other players. There is a trade chat channel, but it’s mostly an unusable mess. The vast majority of trade is managed through official trade websites. Here, players will find plenty of ways to filter their searches for specific items.

    For example, if a player is looking for something with movement speed, fire resistance, and life, then they can select those options in the filter and find all matching items currently listed for sale by other players. This method is more convenient for players to spend POE Currency to buy the items they want.

    Players can also POE Currency Buy to get a premium storage tab, so selling items in Path of Exile is very easy. First, players need to right-click on the advanced tab’s name tag and select the “Public” and “Individual pricing per item” options. Then, put the item they want to sell on the tag, right-click the item, and select the price.

    Finally, a brief introduction to trade etiquette in Path of Exile. Players just need to remember that the buyer travels and the seller starts the transaction. If players message other players to buy their item and they can sell it. The most important thing in the transaction is to have enough Exalted Orb. Because the items that most players hope to get through trading are often worth a lot of money.