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Best Archnemesis strategies in Path of Exile

  • Each new Path of Exile league brings new mechanics, promising new content and powerful new rewards. Players will also buy POE Currency to join the game according to their habits. The League’s Archnemesis system is ostensibly simple, but if players dig into the mechanics, things get more complicated and the rewards increase.

    There are plenty of ways to mix and match the various Archnemesis modifiers to produce some impressive loot explosions. However, there are some combinations that are powerful. The most popular of these uses the Treant Horde plus various modifiers to generate compound rarity rewards. Players can spend POE Currency to get desired modifiers as needed.

    Treant Horde is a powerful modifier that spawns Treant minions around Archnemesis, each of which drops additional random rewards. This is the best way to add more items to Archnemesis, but these random rewards are rarely worth much. Of course, there is a faster way to spend Exalted Orb to buy the desired items directly.

    Combining these modifiers yields tons of rare loot. It takes a long time to create all these components, but the payoff in the end is worth it. In order to get better returns, players not only need to spend time but also POE Currency Buy.

    Arakaali-touched is probably the weakest option. There are many valuable divination cards, but none are as valuable as Mageblood, Headhunter, or Mirror of Kalandra. So if players want to spend POE Currency to get divination cards, they can choose high-value cards first.