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New World is going through Merge Servers in all regions

  • New server consolidations took place across all regions of the New World this week. This will also stimulate players’ desire to Buy New World Coins. First up is South America, and today there will be downtime for more consolidation in Central Europe, US East, US West and Australia.

    The South American server merger was announced earlier, and the community’s response highlighted an issue with the originally proposed merger, combining the Brazilian Portuguese server with the Spanish server in Latin America. The Amazon team responded and changed support language compatibility. This also allows players from different regions to play together, and they can also spend New World Coins to strengthen their strengths to meet different opponents in the best shape.

    The next round of server consolidation did some preparation during yesterday’s downtime. Today, many servers in the remaining regions will begin the consolidation process. Every server merger also makes players more willing to spend New World Coins to improve the game experience. Central Europe has 28 servers merged into a new server. There are 18 servers in the US East being merged. Western US will see six servers merged into the others, and Australia will see eight servers merged into four.

    Continued work on server consolidation and transfers appears to be part of Amazon’s ongoing new world plan. Downtime to prepare for server consolidation and ongoing repairs seems to help, and just in time for some servers to allow a healthier population to recover.

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