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Lost Ark will not increase European central server capacity

  • Amazon Gaming has responded to player disappointment with Lost Ark server capacity. Amazon confirmed that the capacity of its central European server will not be increased, but the newly created European West server is easing congestion. Whether this will affect players’ desire to buy Gold Lost Ark is unknown.

    Lost Ark became more popular than expected, scaling to 800,000 concurrent players in 17 minutes and 1.3 million in 24 hours. It’s the balance of taking splendid games to new territory. Many players also choose to buy some Lost Ark Gold before entering the game to increase their advantage.

    Recent surges in demand may also bring new, unforeseen challenges. Lost Ark’s central servers are running out of capacity, and players are waiting for Amazon to fix the problem quickly. Although the European central server capacity will not increase. But Smilegate and Amazon Games teamed up to provide European players with a new server in just five days in response to regional demand. To a certain extent, this can promote the desire of players to buy Lost Ark Gold to take part in the game.

    Western Europe servers now house less than 20% of European players and are growing every day. Long queues are very frustrating for players, and the number of queues is getting smaller and smaller as Amazon solves it.

    Lost Ark is Smilegate’s free MMO game, brought to the West by Amazon Games, and it has proved very popular within a few weeks of its opening. Many players spend a lot of energy after entering the game, and players who need it will also choose to buy Lost Ark Gold at IGGM. Because this is a trustworthy seller, players can not only enjoy excellent service there but also get more game news and guides.