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What is Powerpass in Lost Ark?

  • Getting to the end of Lost Ark is not an overnight task. Going through its major campaign will take a dozen hours, and many players will turn to Lost Ark Gold to help, and if players aren’t ready to complete the same quest they just completed, they’ll be happy to hear about Lost Ark’s Powerpass.

    Powerpass makes it easy to reach level 50 and get endgame content for new characters. Here’s how it works. Of course, players who buy Lost Ark Gold can also help themselves upgrade quickly.

    Lost Ark uses Powerpass to speed players through the game’s major campaign and get them to level 50. When players face powerful enemies, they still need to spend Lost Ark Gold to enhance their strength. Smilegate will offer more ways to earn Powerpass in the future, but that’s what it looks like for now.

    By using the Powerpass, players can skip the Adventurer’s Path and instantly reach level 50, though it is recommended that players go through a shortened campaign to get a bunch of unique gear and more Lost Ark Gold. Still, the ability to have three endgame characters shouldn’t be underestimated. Considering the game has 15 playable classes, players need to gain any advantage when leveling.

    Completing the Adventurer’s Path will not only give players a massive boost to level 50, but players will also receive equipment to help them prepare for endgame content. It is one of the best ways for players to buy Lost Ark Gold at IGGM to speed up their leveling.