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Everything About The Greymoor Chapter in The Elder Scrolls Onli

  • The Greymoor Chapter is The Elder Scrolls Online’s love letter to Skyrim, introducing Western Skyrim’s new mechanics, PvE events, and more.

    The Greymoor Chapter adds a ton of features to The Elder Scrolls Online. These features are still a mainstay of the game to this day, such as the Antiquities system. The story revolves around vampires, and there may be a callback to Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC, but the Nord homeland is much more than this blood-sucking threat. It has to be said that this also made many players return to the game and Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold to take part in the battle.

    The Greymoor chapter introduces a new system that allows players to identify and mine ancient artifacts throughout Tamriel and beyond. The Antiquities system rewards players for following their archaeological intuition, but must first learn skill lines and the ability to perform activities. Players can also earn some ESO Gold by completing quests in Solitude’s Antiquarian’s Circle, where players learn how to use the Antiquarian’s Eye to locate possible dig spots in nearly every area.

    When killing enemies and looting environmental objects in an area, players discover a clue. These clues are tied to the area in which they were found and can pinpoint the location of their named treasure. However, players won’t be able to get everything right from the start, as skill lines will have to be upgraded to gain access to rarer leads. This means that players need to spend more ESO Gold to upgrade their skill line.

    The Elder Scrolls Online has many world events for players to group and take part in. The base game offers Dark Anchors, Summerset offers Geysers, Elsweyr offers Dragon Hunts, and Greymoor introduces Harrowstorms, a supernatural fusion created by the region’s ritualists. Players may wish to buy ESO Gold at IGGM to better take part in the game. This is a very reliable seller for players and will give players the most satisfactory service.