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Franchise Mode Update may come in Madden 22

  • The next Madden 22 title update isn’t far off as we’re already well into March. However, questions surrounding the Franchise Mode Update continue to mount. Players are looking forward to this and will spend more Madden 22 Coins to take part in the game.

    The February title update was released on February 3, 2022, and we expect the March update to be released on March 3, 2022. In the last update, the new Superstar X-Factor was added to the game, and maybe players can see more additions this time too. They can also get more player cards for MUT Coins. However, players believe EA will address a more pressing issue this time around.

    The Franchise Mode Update includes some things players should have received long overdue. Now that the NFL season is over, maybe they can focus on it this time? Of course, the Madden 22 title update will include a lot of original stuff, including ratings and more. Players hope they will have more opportunities to spend Madden 22 Coins to add better players to their teams.

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