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Players are still waiting for two major franchise mode updates

  • EA promised some franchise mode updates to Madden 22 a while back, but players have seen no action since their so-called “promise.” Players want to Buy Madden 22 Coins to get the desired player card.

    The promise of fixing some of the current issues and glitches in the franchise mode has been ongoing since Madden 21’s release. Unfortunately, these requests seem to fall on deaf ears. The Scouting update is a big change for Madden 22, but we haven’t really heard much since that change. Because of the lack of changes, EA was quickly called out by players. So players want to spend MUT Coins to add the right player card to their team.

    EA reiterated they will stick to their commitment to deliver “three franchise updates” after Madden 22 launches as part of their “franchise as a live service” program. EA says they don’t like to comment on rumors or speculation; however, as part of their ongoing Madden NFL 22 live service and beyond, they are committed to continuing to improve the franchise. This includes two upcoming franchise updates that EA will offer in Madden NFL 22. Players can expect more events so they can prepare MUT Coins for more items.

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