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MUT Free Agency Champions and LTD revealed in Madden 22

  • It’s great to see Madden 22 continue to bring more cards to the MUT 22 system. This time around, players will have more free agent cards, including LTD. They can prepare more MUT Coins to get the newly launched player card.

    Players will want to add some of these to their roster, and they can complete sets and buy packs. Obviously, one of the most popular cards will be the Champion 98 OVR Davante Adams for the wide receiver position on the team. This is definitely a must for MUT 22. This is also the player most worthy of players spending MUT Coins.

    Besides Adams, there are several other cards, mainly LTD Russell Wilson, which could be the perfect quarterback for the players’ Madden 22 team. These include Davant Adams, Russell Wilson, Chandler Jones, Marcus Maye and Calais Campbell.

    The 96 OVR Terron Armstead is available now. This is a great card, especially if players have a Russell Wilson card. Then players need a strong interior offensive lineman to protect him. So players should not hesitate to spend MUT Coins to add him to their team.

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