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Ascending Tide DLC hits PC in The Elder Scrolls Online

  • The Elder Scrolls Online’s latest year-long adventure, Legacy of Brittany. Ascending Tide DLC, this new content will be available for players on PC, Mac and Stadia. This will have a big impact on increasing the number of players and the desire of players to buy ESO Gold.

    Ascending Tide includes two PvE dungeons called Shipright’s Regret and The Coral Aerie. And it will launch later this year with the game’s High Isle chapter, laying the groundwork for the story and adventure. The new DLC will hit console players on March 29.

    Shipright’s Regret is home to the legendary all-flag Navy wreck Coral Aerie is tasked with saving the returning ESO character Jakarn from the mysterious Ascendant Order, the chief antagonist of Bretons’ year-long adventure. Players should prepare more ESO Gold Items to get better weapons and equipment when fighting it.

    The new DLC sets the stage for future Brittany Legacy content, including a new High Island expansion on June 6, which will include an unprecedented region of Tamriel and serve as a reference to Breton lore and cultural in-depth discussion. Players will also get more rewards on the mission, including equipment and ESO Gold.

    In the journey of exploring the game, players have to face increasingly arduous tasks and enemies, and they need to strengthen their strength continuously. So players may wish to buy ESO Gold at IGGM. As a professional game service provider, they also provide news and strategies.