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The Elder Scrolls Online is not cross-platform yet

  • Gradually, The Elder Scrolls Online has become one of the most popular MMO games on the market, with thousands of players exploring Tamriel every day. Players can choose from a variety of races, ally with one of three factions, and choose a class that suits their playstyle, then spend ESO Gold to enhance their characters.

    ESO is available for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Google Stadia, which means there are many ways to enjoy your games. Unfortunately, Elder Scrolls Online doesn’t currently support cross-platform play. This means that PC gamers cannot play alongside Xbox or PlayStation gamers. Stadia’s servers are shared with PCs, which are the closest servers currently available. Players think that if they can cross-platform, they will like the game more, and they are more willing to prepare more ESO Gold.

    The same servers are also used for different generations of the same console, which means players can play with friends who have new or old versions of the same console. Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S use the same server, while PS4 and PS5 use another. Players can use ESO Gold with friends to get better weapons and complete missions together.

    ESO is unlikely to launch full multi-platform soon, meaning players will have access to multiple platforms in the future. If players want to get more ESO Gold, they can go to IGGM. They will provide cheap prices and practical game guides.

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