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How to Prepare for Ascending Tide in The Elder Scrolls Online?

  • With The Elder Scrolls Online’s Ascending Tide DLC set to roll out starting next week, ZeniMax has released a new guide that includes several ways to prepare for the DLC’s arrival. Besides this, players need to prepare more ESO Gold.

    And the guide introduces players to some characters they’ll meet to begin their adventure, and all three characters Kaleen, Jaakan, and Zaj’i can now meet. The first two are available to everyone in the base game, and the latter is available to everyone if the player owns the Dragonhold DLC. Foremost, players need to spend ESO Gold to get more excellent weapons.

    Players can join PVE guilds. Because dungeons, coral lairs, and shipbuilders’ regrets will be filled with challenges and rewards, including ESO Gold that players will need. Of course, being able to find the right guild is important because players need to have a team that can work well together. They advise players to get the right gear, with some advice from the base game for different builds to look for to prepare.

    The last two recommendations relate to PTS. The PTS beta for the Ascending Tide DLC and the upcoming base game update 33 are now live on the PTS. For choosing the right gear, players can buy ESO Gold Items at IGGM. This is a very professional seller offering cheap prices and helpful tips.