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Luxurious Ethical + Sustainable Wedding Dresses

  • Immersing inside us the world of considered and exceptional bridal fashion design provides for us live anyway, but particularly when it's about ethical wedding gowns and involves sustainable production along with a genuine need to do better about our environment.

    I started by asking Miina to inform us much more about her journey from student to company director:

    "I studied fashion and fashion manufacturing in Finland for around 6 years. In 2009 when I was studying at University I had to locate a placement to have an internship. Minna Hepburn, who owns Minna was pleased to take me aboard and I completed a three-month internship with her. During this time, I helped make the gorgeous womenswear as well as helped in the London Fashion Week."

    "I then went to Finland to complete my studies but I held in contact with Minna and moved to London to dedicate myself to the company in 2014. First, I worked as a seamstress making the marriage gowns and learned everything about the organization. Then I moved forward to become the production/studio manager and captured, I had the opportunity to take over the company."

    "I believe a part of being ethical can also be to make your production process public and transparent. As soon as we launch our new collection, we are adding the facts of our materials on our website."

    As always, Miina has drawn inspiration from a huge range of styles, from vintage to bohemian wedding dresses, and we love that Miina always wants the gown to feel just like it looks. She wants styles that are not only gorgeous but additionally comfortable and easy to put on, whatever the body shape. Click

    "I have two favorites within the collection. One of them may be the dress, that's one of our best sellers that is no wonder. Maeve is a loose-fitting lace dress having a silk slip. It may be the perfect understated, yet gorgeous gown and super comfortable to put on. It is a stylish dress made from gorgeous crochet kind of lace having a train and mid-back neckline. They are different styles and vibes but I love them both!"

    "We don't hold any stock so I result in the dresses to ensure that they're ready for every client's fitting date therefore we work using the client to create sure body is perfect. Usually, more fitted dresses and bespoke designs require a few more fittings compared to loose-fitting, standard size and elegant dresses."

    "We offer to customize the gown styles. This is possible as we result in the dresses ourselves. We can alter our existing styles to suit the customer's wishes making bespoke dresses the customer can design beside me. I enjoy making bespoke dresses and exercising the style and materials using the bride."

    It's clear that Miina loves her work and it is super busy taking Indiebride London to the next level but, when she comes with a little spare time, it's about relaxing:

    "I work a great deal and don't have much free time. The little I have, I devote to my partner, our little Yorkshire terrier Stinky and our ball python Joey. We like to simply hang out watching a series or perhaps a documentary on Netflix or we take Stinky to Wanstead Flats and merely enjoy the green surroundings."

    "In the meantime, we're also planning our next visit to Finland and autumnal Lapland. We'll hike and camp and find out all the autumn colors, breathe the fresh air, drink in the wild streams, and hopefully see some reindeer – I can't wait!"

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