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wooden folding camping table easy buying guide

  • 1. The material of the wooden folding camping table

    The first thing to pay attention to when buying a wooden folding camping table is the material. Different materials have different advantages. The wooden folding camping table is divided into:

    \u2460 Wooden folding table

    The table top of the wooden folding table is a plate, and the shelf of the folding table is a metal material, such as composite steel or iron.

    At present, most of the sheet folding tables on the market are made of solid wood, teak and other materials. The surface texture is clear and the texture is felt to the touch. At the same time, the sheet folding table is not resistant to high temperature and moisture. After prolonged use, there may be cracks on the desktop part, which affects the appearance. and use.

    \u2461Aluminum alloy folding table

    The aluminum alloy folding table is made of aluminum alloy from the desktop to the table frame. The overall firmness is more durable than the plate, and it is light in weight, good in bearing capacity, high temperature resistance, fireproof, not easy to deform, and has a relatively long service life.

    \u2462 Oxford cloth folding table

    Oxford cloth folding table top material has strong air permeability, and the fabric is more wear-resistant, half the load-bearing capacity, the weight of the special Oxford cloth folding table is lighter than that of aluminum alloy, and the storage function is convenient.

    There are also some disadvantages of the Oxford cloth folding table, that is, its stability is not high compared to the sheet folding table and the aluminum alloy folding table.

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