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Children's wooden furniture for all ages

  • Children of different ages have different needs for the living environment. If you want to give your child a healthy living environment, you should design a family space that fits your child's different ages and choose suitable children's wooden furniture.


    The baby requires a comfortable sleeping and activity space, no independent space is required, less furniture, and a safe and environmentally friendly crib is enough.

    3-5 years old

    When the baby officially enters the early education stage, the furniture should be cheerful and interesting; in addition, there are more toys, clothes and other items, and the furniture should also emphasize the storage function.

    6-7 years old

    To prepare for school, the furniture requires complete functions and rational use of space. Slides and small desks can be appropriately added to take into account the two functions of entertainment and learning.

    8-10 years old

    School-age furniture should have a reading function and emphasize safety. Bookcases, height-adjustable desks and chairs can be added, and various hobbies can be cultivated.

    10-12 years old

    Children can arrange the room by themselves. The furniture should increase comfort, emphasize the learning function, and be able to reasonably plan the storage space, which will help children to take care of themselves.


    Children should be given a separate children's room to cultivate children's ability to be independent. Children's wooden furniture is the best set, emphasizing safety, environmental protection, comfort and practicality.

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