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Safety certification related to switch mould

  • What is safety certification? Simply put, safety certification is a product certification that ensures the safety of users and the safety of the environment.

    Each country has its own certification requirements, and switch mould products must meet these requirements before they can be sold in the market. At the same time, as people's consumption concept becomes more rational, they no longer blindly pursue affordable price and powerful functions, but focus more on product safety. How to obtain products with complete quality and no harm to practical users has become an element that consumers gradually value.

    1. The application process for safety certification

    1. Submit the application materials to the safety regulatory agency.

    2. The safety certification body will give a reply on whether to accept the application within the promised time.

    3. After the safety agency accepts the application, the applicant begins to send samples for safety testing.

    4. If the sample passes the safety test, the safety certification agency will arrange a factory inspection (UL called IPI). If the sample fails the test, it will be returned to the applicant. The applicant will improve the items that fail the test, and then re-send the sample for testing. If you fail the second time, you will need to reapply.

    5. After the factory inspection is passed, the safety certification body issues a certification certificate or a letter of authorization for the use of safety logos. The applicant can use the certification body's logo on the certified products.

    If the factory inspection fails, the certification body will give the applicant a period of time to rectify and re-examine after the rectification.

    6. In the future, the certification body will transfer the certified products to the follow-up inspection. MET will start from the second year twice a year, CCC is once a year, and the cycle of other certification bodies is mostly 11 times a year. consistency.

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