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How to choose 75w led lights in a physical store?

  • 75w led lights products are difficult to dissipate heat. Because of this feature, manufacturers often spend a certain amount of cost on making heat sinks when making corn lamp products. It is conceivable how big a problem heat dissipation is for corn lamps.

    One, don't be fooled by the brightness

    It is easy for ordinary consumers to go into a misunderstanding when buying in a physical store. When a white light 75w led lights and a warm color 75w led lights are placed together, they think that the white light is brighter than the warm color light, and mistakenly think that the white light is better.

    Second, choose LED lamps with less harmonic content

    How can we easily judge harmonics? You can take a semiconductor radio and place it close to the LED lamp. If the radio noise is louder, it indicates that the harmonic content of the LED lamp is higher, and the more serious the radio interference is.

    Third, reduce the impact of stroboscopic effect

    This is simple in the physical store, you can take the video mode of the mobile phone or camera and then point it to the corn light, if the mobile phone shows jitter (the bigger the jitter, the more damage to the eyes).

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