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The working principle and scope of the work of Dust Extraction

  • Dust Extraction ARM Supplier Product Features:

    1) Low noise, stable operation, small occupation, simple operation and convenient maintenance; air volume can be randomly adjusted and applied.

    2) The design is reasonable, the new filler is used, the resistance loss is small, the surface area is larger, the chemical reaction is complete, the gas and liquid is more reasonable than the use, and the absorption effect is good.

    3) The tower shell is made of FRP or PP. FRP uses glass weaving to enhance ethylene tree esters. The shell rubber jacket is added with anti -aging agents.

    4) PP is a hot melt welding of polypropylene plates. It has the advantages of flat and smooth internal and outer surfaces, strong anticorrosive performance. The above two materials are ideal materials for the purification tower.

    5) Electric control boxes use outdoor rainproof types, and the original electrical appliances are imported. When the motor power is 10HP, the Star Triangle is launched. According to customer needs, the PH display instrument, current meter, voltage meter, overheated over heat can be installed in the control box. Stream protection and automatic alarm device.

    Dust Extraction ARM SUPPLIER working principle:

    The acid mist washing tower uses the contact between the gas and the liquid, and the pollutants in the gas are transmitted to the liquid, and then the cleaning gas is separated from the contaminated liquid to achieve the purpose of cleaning the air. , Treatment of the reverse absorption method of the gas liquid, that is, the liquid is sprayed down from the top of the tower with a fog (or a small drop). Cooling exhaust gas, conditioning gas and removing particles, and then processing after the dehumidification section, discharge into the atmosphere.

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