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Talk about the principle of for Sell Switch Mould

  • Everyone knows the adverse effects of hydropower safety hazards, so they should do a good job of protecting the protection measures to prevent safety accidents. Most of the household appliances or machinery equipment must be connected to the power route of the switch, and in some natural environments that often touch with water, the necessity of for Sell Switch Mould also show out.

    1. Principle

    In fact, the key areas of the For Sell Switch Mould depend on the equipment and other components of the sealing ring and sealing agent. The design scheme according to the structure of the structure makes it more complete and solid. The power socket that is easy to enter casually, that is, it can also be separated from the outside of For Sell Switch Mould. In order to better improve the waterproof capacity, many manufacturers will choose hierarchical protection methods. In addition, the setting of hygroscopic components or drainage pipelines will be discharged when the water infiltration is performed to achieve key electric shock parts. The principle of sealing of the FORL SWITCH MOLD sealing is made by several sealing rings or a sealing ring with a strong torque of work pressure. Such processing processes can promote the for Sell Switch MOULD. Cold and losing the actual effect of sealing, thereby ensuring that long -term waterproof ability makes water difficult to use it through the past under general work pressure.

    2. Common questions

    In the case of installing for Sell Switch Mould, you must not be installed under the water equipment because of waterproof ability. If you really use electricity, you must choose a high waterproof -level power socket to carry out the wiring switch power supply. In the connection work, here refers to the attention in industrial production scenarios. If the home for Sell SWITCH MOULD is generally not a wall plug, the ground socket, the wall plug is as high as possible as possible, and there must be countermeasures such as protective membranes or maintenance boxes. The level of the waterproof ground socket reached IP66 at the time of closure, and there is a sealing ring at the bottom to maintain water absorption sponge inside the route to avoid water penetration. Therefore, the electricity provisions can be considered when the natural environment is closed at home. However, it is necessary to pay attention not to spray the water into the plug plug. This will cause production safety accidents.

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