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How to install the corn cob led bulb manufacturer correctly

  • How to install the corn cob led bulb manufacturer correctly? 1, first determine the length to be installed, and then take the integer interception, because the lamp belt is 1 meter a unit, only from the cut cut, will not affect the circuit, if random cut, will cause a unit is not bright. Example: If the length of 7.5 meters is required, the strip should be cut 8 meters. 2, link plug, LED itself is a diode, DC driven, so there is a positive and negative pole, if the positive and negative pole reverse connection, it is in the state of insulation, the light is not bright. If the connection plug is not bright, just open the other end of the lamp belt. 3, the placement of the light belt, the light belt is tray packaging, the newly opened light belt will be twisted, it is not easy to install, you can first tidy and smooth, in the light slot can be. Because the lamp belt is single-sided luminescence, if the placement is not smooth, there will be uneven light and shade phenomenon, especially around the corner must pay attention to. 4, the lamp with partner, now on the market there is a special card for the installation of the lamp slot lamp belt, called the lamp belt partner, after use will greatly improve the installation speed and effect.

    How to properly install the corn cob led bulb manufacturer (Figure 1)

    Precautions for installing the corn cob led bulb manufacturer: 1. Do not power on the whole roll corn cob led bulb manufacturer when the packaging is not removed or piled up; 2. When the corn cob led bulb manufacturer needs to be cut according to the installation length on site, the lamp tape can only be cut at the place marked with scissors; 3. When connecting the power supply or two strips of lights in series, first bend the head of the lamp to the left and right, so that the wires in the lamp strip are exposed about 2-3mm, and then use the cutting pliers to cut clean, leaving no burrs, and then use the public to connect, to avoid short circuit; 4, only the same specifications, the same voltage led seven color lights can be connected to each other, and the total length of the series can not exceed the length of the large license; 5. When the corn cob led bulb manufacturer is connected to each other in series, each segment is connected, that is, a pilot segment is lit, so as to timely discover whether the positive and negative poles are connected incorrectly and whether the light injection direction of each segment of lamp belt is consistent. 6. The end of the lamp belt shall be covered with PVC tail plug, and then sealed around the interface with neutral glass glue to ensure reliability; 7. Because the LED has unidirectional conductivity, if the power line with AC/DC converter is used, the power test should be carried out first after the completion of the power connection to determine the correct connection of the positive and negative terminals before being put into use.

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